The Daily Show

Every day I watch in amazement as the Neurotic Cat contorts herself while she’s conducting her daily cleaning routine. All that licking does seem to be a bit OCD to me. The licking carries on for several minutes, and then just when you think it’s stopped . . . it starts all over again. But I have to say I’m impressed – by the ability of Neurotic Cat to contort herself, not the licking so much.

I sometimes offer to help her clean her tummy, but she usually “shows me the paw”. So I have to content myself with just watching.

IMG_1417 small IMG_1414 small

Neurotic Cat has this long, skinny body which she can twist far enough around, so that she can lick her spine quite comfortably. Comfortably for her, that is. Watching it can be a bit alarming! I keep thinking she’ll hurt herself.

IMG_1425 small IMG_1430 small

This is really better than watching television. Can your cat do this too?


12 thoughts on “The Daily Show

  1. Yes, she is quite impressive Rosie Bear. And very flexible. Kitty Yoga tends to do that although I’m sure you’re very flexible, in your own way, too.

  2. Rosie – don’t have a puss of my own but have seen this ‘kitty yoga’ as Colleen so aptly calls it many times. I wouldn’t worry, methinks it’s a ‘cat thing’ that they do – well, you don’t miaow either, do you,? So I would just look and grin and leave her to it. You won’t catch any little critters from her for sure . . . . πŸ˜€ !

    • Let me tell you, Neurotic Cat does a very elegant “downward kitty” every morning when she gets up. My “downward dog” (which I have to do to get at her food under the chair!), is less so.

  3. My goodness, Neurotic Cat sure looks elegant and graceful when she contorts herself like that! I wish I could do those moves….

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