Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

I thought I’d enter this week’s photo challenge for fun. Although I have the run of my humans’ house, my basket is what I consider “home”. It’s where I store my toys, eat my snacks and sometimes play. It’s where I go when I’m feeling insecure, and it’s where I hide the things I don’t want my humans or Neurotic Cat to find.

DSC02117 small

When I first “moved in”. I still had my “baby teeth” – they did the job!

As you can see, it’s a big basket. I inherited it from Jessie, the last dog to live here. A blind person wove the basket – they did an awesome job!

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. Oh My Goodness, Rosie Bear, that is a *huge* basket. And it looks soo comfortable too. Do you sometimes share it with the Neurotic Cat, like if it’s freezing cold and rainy outside and you need some extra warmth? Mind you, I can totally understand it if you don’t feel like sharing it with anyone.

    • It is big isn’t it? Even though I’m all grown now, I can still lie stretched out flat in it. When Willie ordered the basket he told them he wanted one for a big dog. They thought he meant a Great Dane.

      I don’t mind sharing it with Neurotic Cat, but she prefers to sleep on one of the beds, or on the sofa.

      • Personally, I think you can count yourself very lucky that you have your own big bed, Rosie Bear. And well, you may not be a Great Dane yet in body, but you certainly are a Big Dog in Spirit!

  2. Rosie Bear; you are lucky with your humans: love all the pink and flowers to decorate your home. And lucky duck you, you won’t feel cold with that heater cosy right behind it! [All the same: hope you have another little hidey-hole for some of your precious bits too . . . just in case there is a big spring-clean or Lucy gets bored and curious . . .]

    • Thanks Eha! You’re right, I am lucky. I no longer have the pink blanket – I chewed huge holes in it! I did that to a lot of things in my first year. I have started hiding things in other places too. I like to leave stashes of doggie biscuits in a couple of places around the house. Just in case.

  3. The pup here has a crate that she loves, but sometimes the scary cat will block her access (such a bully!) So she has to make do with wherever she can squish herself in times of emergency … vacuum cleaner on, humans finding the bin dumped, etc. You know how it is….glad you have a snug basket of your own, too!

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