Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

This is what I often see when I’m in the garden and I look UP . . .

IMG_1934 small

The Neurotic Cat putting on her “superior” act here! She is lounging high up on an 8-foot wall.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

  1. Oh Rosie, don’t pay any attention: when she sees you aren’t ‘interested’ she’ll stop the ‘superior’ act 🙂 ! [You can pretend, can’t you?]. Lisa has taken a very artistic photo tho’ hasn’t she?

      • Did I very good job, first of all! And Rosie, you just have to cuddle up to her more often and push and shove a tad or learn to do what is called ‘type’: We miss ya’two when you are not on!

  2. That is a brilliant photo! Love it!
    Apologies that I haven’t been around for a while. I find it almost impossible to keep up with blogging as I still work fulltime.

    • Thank you Rosie! 🙂 Lisa hasn’t been at her computer much later, which means I don’t get to talk to my fans as much as I’d like to either. 😉

  3. Dear Neurotic Cat and Rosie Bear – we haven’t heard any news from you for a long time, and wanted to tell you that we miss you. I hope you are all alright? Lots of loving cuddles to the Cat (if she ever comes down from that wall), a big scrunchy treat and tummy rub to you, and a cheerful hug to your ‘owners’.

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