“I’ve got a headache”

“I’ve got a headache”. No not me, Lisa, my human. If I had a doggie biscuit for every time she says that . . . I don’t mind if she says it some time during the day, but not in the morning when she’s supposed to take me for a walk. It’s her job to take me for a walk every day!

I do try to be supportive and understanding, but if I don’t go for my walk I get so bored.

Neuortic Cat and I keeping Lisa company when she's feeling bad. Not Neurotic Cat is deliberately turning her back on the camera.

Neuortic Cat and me keeping Lisa company when she’s feeling bad. Note: Neurotic Cat is deliberately turning her back on the camera.


10 thoughts on ““I’ve got a headache”

  1. I feel your pain my love. My mom gets headaches sometimes and other times it’s just too nasty to go for a walk. So she got a treadmill and I walk on that. Don’t let your two-legger know. The view from the treadmill sucks: a wall, and mom sitting on a chair and reading !


  2. Aww, Rosie Bear, I’m so sorry that you aren’t getting your morning walk every day.

    But you and Neurotic Cat are doing a very, very noble thing, by trying to comfort your human when she is feeling ill. Having a headache or a migraine is awful – and I’m sure Lisa feels quite guilty enough that she’s not taking you for a walk and giving you all the attention and love you need. So it is very big-hearted and generous of you to give her lots of gentle love when she’s hurting. Well done!

  3. I get migraines a lot too. I know how terrible it can be to take a walk when you’re not feeling well. Reggie is good at keeping me company too, but I know he’d much rather go on his walk! 🙂
    What’s up with the neurotic cat? Not photogenic I guess.

  4. Oh, Rosie Bear: be fair! Does it really matter when you and Lisa go for a walk, huh? It’s nice of you to keep her company of course, but perhaps she would really love an extra hour or two of peace and quiet? You are a big girl, do some other doggie-things whilst you are waiting or have one of your games with Lucy . . . You moping on the bed will only make Lisa feel even worse than she already does!!

      • OK,, Rosie Bear: you know your human and I am sure you care for her very much! Seeing you sing so well, perhaps you can quietly do some of her favourites to make her smile and take some of the pain away . . . huh?

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