Why is this a problem?

Lisa brought an interesting article to my attention yesterday . . .

Police under investigation over ‘dog’s’ witness statement

Police dog handlers are all too aware of how crucial their four-legged colleagues are in the investigation of many crimes.

However, when the CPS demanded a witness statement in the name of a force dog, officers realised that it would be taking their canine skills a step too far.

They wrote back explaining that PC Peach was in fact PD Peach, stressing that PD stood for police dog but to no avail.

Eventually, the exasperated handler completed a form as if it had been written by the Alsatian, signing it with a paw print.

The statement read: “I chase him. I bite him. Bad man. He tasty. Good boy. Good boy Peach.”

It stated that the age of the witness was “four” and that his number was PD4341.

Read more . . .

[You should click on the above link if only to see the photo of the cute police dog with his head-mounted video camera. It also quotes other people who made some pretty witty comments in response.]

Now, of course, PD Peach’s human handler is in trouble with the CPS. And I don’t understand why. Have they never heard of dogs giving their side of the story? They should read a couple of dog blogs to see how smart we dogs are! And if anyone, I’d think that PD Peach is also probably the best witness they’ve got!


16 thoughts on “Why is this a problem?

  1. I agree, this is quite peculiar. I can’t understand why the CPS found it so hard to accept his statement. He’s really quite articulate, and he’s summed up the whole story most admirably in telegram style, rather than wasting lots of paper. Good dog Peach!

    P.S. You haven’t had to chase down any bad people, have you, Rosie Bear? Be careful when you do, alright?

    • Yes, PD Peach’s statement was short and sweet. You don’t have to read pages and pages to understand what happened.

      I only protect my house and my people. My job is to go and answer the door and let my humans know if the person on the other side is friend or foe. Lisa calls me her “early warning system” and says she doesn’t expect me to attack anyone. Which is good cause I’m not as brave as PD Peach.

      • Oh, Rosie Bear – I expect that, when the chips are down, you are definitely going to be as brave as PD Peach! You are an amazing dog!

  2. Methinks we should collect sigantures and paw prints and try to get PD Peach and his handler out of trouble. His handler did exactly what was asked and should not be in any hot water! The CPS were dull and stupid and are now making a loud noise to cover up: well, we can laugh louder 🙂 ?

  3. PD Peach’s statement was completely unprofessional. She doesn’t include any specifics to support her “bad man” claim, and her “he tasty” observation is ungrammatical, irrelevant, and totally subjective.

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