Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

For me, the word “forward” is synonymous with the word “walk”. And below is one of my favourite places to go and walk. If you squint (or click on the photo to enlarge it!) you can see Willie and me walking away up the road.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

  1. Rosie, that is a lovely walk! Wish I was walking along with you and Willie [and i didn’t even have to squint to see you!]. Why is there a gate: is this a national park of some kind? And, Rosie, do you ever see any animals when you are on the path – I don’t mean animals which live with humans like you do, but well, those who live in the forest?

    • Eha, I love having more humans and dogs join us on our walk – it’s like having a pack! That area of forest is managed by Nature Conservation, so they stop people from driving up there. But humans and dogs are allowed to go cycling, or hiking up the forestry roads. It’s beautiful up there – quiet with just the birds and forest creatures making a noise. And yes, the smells are divine! I like the beach, but the smells in the forest are fascinating. So many different animals leave their scent. Usually I only see the birds, and some smaller animals, but there are lots of bigger animals that live in the woods that only come out at night. If you want to see what is there go and read this post on Lisa’s blog: If you go down to the woods today (click on link).

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  3. I like your interpretation that ‘forward’ is a synonym for ‘walk’, Rosie Bear. It always makes me think of daring explorers going off to explore the big wild world: “Forward Ho!” πŸ™‚

    • Yes, the woods have wonderful smells! Willie walks very fast, so I sometimes have to get him to stop, so I can take a good sniff. When Lisa is with us, she brings her camera, and stops a lot – sometimes too much. If you want to see what is in the woods go to this post on Lisa’s blog: If you go down to the woods today (click on link).

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  5. There is another meaning for “forward”, like if you stick your nose in someone’s crotch, that’s being too forward ! lol. ‘course, I’m a GOOD dog and have learned not to do that. he, he, he.

    Do you have to stay on leash for your walk ? Don’t you want to run, run, run ? Don’t you want to chase, chase, chase a ball ? I love, love, love, balls.

    • Hi Trey! Well, I’m forward in some ways too – I always assume everybody is going to like a very enthusiastic greeting – but I never got into the crotch thing. If another dog smells my crotch, I mostly just sit down. I’m very ladylike that way. πŸ˜‰

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