Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

I’ve been rather quiet lately, I know . . . It’s just been too hot here to do much, and my brain doesn’t work well in this weather. I suppose I could write posts in the evenings when it’s cooler, but then there is dinnertime and playtime  . . . and then sleep-time. Life is just so busy then!

This week’s photo challenge is all about lunchtime. I don’t get lunch, as such. I have to wait until dinner time to get a decent meal. But Lisa gives me some “puppy cookies” (see note at bottom of post) as she calls them, to tide me over until then. I’m pretty good at rationing them out throughout the day, and only eating one when I really need a snack. Often I take a dog biscuit with me when I go and take a nap, just in case I wake up mid-nap with a snack attack.


Me with my stash of doggie biscuits.

Willie and I both think that “puppy cookies” is a silly name for them. I’m NOT a puppy any longer, but Lisa often calls me her “Little Pup”. When is she going to realise that I’m a big dog now? Well, maybe not big, but all grown up.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the details

This week’s photo challenge is: Lost in the details. So I asked Lisa to take some close-up photos of me. Basically, an eye, ear and nose sequence, so you could see what three of my sensory organs look like up close.

We tried to get the Neurotic Cat to participate in the challenge, but she ran away every time the camera got too close.

IMG_1473 small

My eyes are really my best feature . . . They say your soul is reflected in your eyes, but I can only see the blinds etc reflected in them. 😉

IMG_1474 small

This funny looking thing is one of my ears. Ears are very useful – I can hear much better than my humans. My ears look a little wet in the photo. That’s because I had just had a bath. I smell very good now.

IMG_1472 small

My nose . . . I can smell even better than the Neurotic Cat. You could say I’m like a shark on dry land. The area just below my nose and around my mouth (with all the little whiskers) is very sensitive and I feel things with it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

I thought I’d enter this week’s photo challenge for fun. Although I have the run of my humans’ house, my basket is what I consider “home”. It’s where I store my toys, eat my snacks and sometimes play. It’s where I go when I’m feeling insecure, and it’s where I hide the things I don’t want my humans or Neurotic Cat to find.

DSC02117 small

When I first “moved in”. I still had my “baby teeth” – they did the job!

As you can see, it’s a big basket. I inherited it from Jessie, the last dog to live here. A blind person wove the basket – they did an awesome job!