Downward Dog

I was recently showing you how flexible Neurotic Cat is (see here), and Colleen and Jackie left comments about “kitty yoga” and “downward kitty” (Neurotic Cat does a very nice “downward kitty” when she’s doing her morning stretches). I thought I’d show you what my “Downward Dog” looks like. Really people who do yoga are getting it all wrong!

Me doing the "Downward Dog" to get at the Neurotic Cat's saucer which has been left under the chair.

Me doing the “Downward Dog” move to get at the Neurotic Cat’s saucer which has been left under the chair.


The Daily Show

Every day I watch in amazement as the Neurotic Cat contorts herself while she’s conducting her daily cleaning routine. All that licking does seem to be a bit OCD to me. The licking carries on for several minutes, and then just when you think it’s stopped . . . it starts all over again. But I have to say I’m impressed – by the ability of Neurotic Cat to contort herself, not the licking so much.

I sometimes offer to help her clean her tummy, but she usually “shows me the paw”. So I have to content myself with just watching.

IMG_1417 small IMG_1414 small

Neurotic Cat has this long, skinny body which she can twist far enough around, so that she can lick her spine quite comfortably. Comfortably for her, that is. Watching it can be a bit alarming! I keep thinking she’ll hurt herself.

IMG_1425 small IMG_1430 small

This is really better than watching television. Can your cat do this too?

“I’ve got a headache”

“I’ve got a headache”. No not me, Lisa, my human. If I had a doggie biscuit for every time she says that . . . I don’t mind if she says it some time during the day, but not in the morning when she’s supposed to take me for a walk. It’s her job to take me for a walk every day!

I do try to be supportive and understanding, but if I don’t go for my walk I get so bored.

Neuortic Cat and I keeping Lisa company when she's feeling bad. Not Neurotic Cat is deliberately turning her back on the camera.

Neuortic Cat and me keeping Lisa company when she’s feeling bad. Note: Neurotic Cat is deliberately turning her back on the camera.

It’s all Yvonne’s “fault”

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me, but I’m sometimes called needy, naughty, and a bully (I sometimes throw my weight around) by my humans. Rude of them, don’t you think? I prefer to think of myself as very loving and keen to be with my humans at all times, adventurous and keen to try out new things, and a “dog of substance”.

My sister and I wrestling - I'm the top dog!

My sister and I wrestling – I’m the top dog!

If anyone is responsible for how I turned it it is Yvonne (the first human I ever met). She was there when I was born. Yvonne and her daughters treated me and my siblings like we were royalty! They gave us tons of love, played with us endlessly, and indulged us.They let us run riot in their home. Literally. So we came to expect that everything belonged to us. Including the humans. After 8 weeks of this, who would want to become a regular dog?

The six of us sleeping on Yvonne's bed - as it such be!  I'm the one in the middle lying on my back.

The six of us sleeping on Yvonne’s bed – as it should be! I’m the one in the middle lying on my back.

When it came time to find new homes for us, Yvonne wrote an email to the humans who were going to adopt us, so they could “pick their puppy”. Yvonne told Lisa and Willie that I was a chunky pup, who didn’t take any nonsense from the others and who didn’t let anyone mess with her food or toys. They were warned and they still chose me! So why were they so surprised when they got me?!

Now how can I reach that liquid to taste it?

Now how can I reach that liquid to taste it?

To read Lisa’s somewhat distorted view of my arrival in their lives, read her Jet-set Puppy series:

She writes well – I just wish she’d get her facts straight! 😉

Gnawing on a lamp to see if it's edible.

Gnawing on a lamp base to see if it’s edible.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

I thought I’d enter this week’s photo challenge for fun. Although I have the run of my humans’ house, my basket is what I consider “home”. It’s where I store my toys, eat my snacks and sometimes play. It’s where I go when I’m feeling insecure, and it’s where I hide the things I don’t want my humans or Neurotic Cat to find.

DSC02117 small

When I first “moved in”. I still had my “baby teeth” – they did the job!

As you can see, it’s a big basket. I inherited it from Jessie, the last dog to live here. A blind person wove the basket – they did an awesome job!