Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the details

This week’s photo challenge is: Lost in the details. So I asked Lisa to take some close-up photos of me. Basically, an eye, ear and nose sequence, so you could see what three of my sensory organs look like up close.

We tried to get the Neurotic Cat to participate in the challenge, but she ran away every time the camera got too close.

IMG_1473 small

My eyes are really my best feature . . . They say your soul is reflected in your eyes, but I can only see the blinds etc reflected in them. 😉

IMG_1474 small

This funny looking thing is one of my ears. Ears are very useful – I can hear much better than my humans. My ears look a little wet in the photo. That’s because I had just had a bath. I smell very good now.

IMG_1472 small

My nose . . . I can smell even better than the Neurotic Cat. You could say I’m like a shark on dry land. The area just below my nose and around my mouth (with all the little whiskers) is very sensitive and I feel things with it.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

For me, the word “forward” is synonymous with the word “walk”. And below is one of my favourite places to go and walk. If you squint (or click on the photo to enlarge it!) you can see Willie and me walking away up the road.