Singing for my supper

I talk. A lot. I can make a wide range of sounds – appropriate for the specific occasion. Sometimes visitors think my humans are keeping a wild creature captive. I also sing. And sometimes I have to sing for my supper. Thank goodness I don’t have to sing for every meal – only the ones that have special treats in them. Usually I just have to sit, and then they tell me to eat.

The things these humans make me do . . .

If you can’t see this video, then you can link to it here.

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11 thoughts on “Singing for my supper

  1. Rosie Bear: I was just waltzing off for the weekend [yep, those two days humans don’t act as usual!] when your video dropped in my box! You hit some pretty high notes there: are you absolutely sure and certain you have to try so hard with your humans ere they give you your yums? [Sheesh, methinks I would just go and SIT there and see what happens?] . . . they don’t sound like the kind of ‘him’ and ‘her’ to leave you hungry: no way!! So, just look kind of ‘pleading’ and ‘hungry’ and see – big scratch right between the ears!!

    • I like talking and singing, so don’t mind singing for my supper too much. Also if they ask me to sing, I know I’m going to get something really good.

      I like weekends! Although I still have to wait for another 10 hours until Willie comes home today. He always plays with me a lot on weekends, and takes me for interesting outings. Sometimes I have to take a LONG nap on Monday morning, just to recover from the weekend.

  2. My goodness, Rosie Bear, you have an extraordinary vocal range. With such a beautiful voice, I’m not surprised your humans like to make you sing for them. I would regard it as an honour, and a sign that they love you and that they admire your singing talent. – But don’t let them get away with doing it too often; don’t let them take advantage of you! I would only do it for very special treats.

    • Thank you for your kind comment, Flat Kathy! Humans are very sneaky, aren’t they?! I make sure it’s the real deal by sniffing my food before I start to sing. If it’s just an ordinary meal, I give them my “you’re kidding, right?” look.

      • That is very clever of you, Rosie Bear. I always suspected you were a particularly intelligent dog!

  3. Dear Rosie Bear, I am a two-legger living in Nova Scotia. I am a chum of Flat Kathy’s. You are a lovely dog. Oh yes, oh yes you are. Who’s a lovely dog ! (are you wiggling your bum right now ?) One of my four-leggers is a part Saffie named Trey. We moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia because the stupid two-leggers in Ontario HATE pitties. We are glad to be in Nova Scotia where pitties are loved and appreciated for who they are and not discriminated against.

    • Thanks for the compliment Sybil! 🙂 I do love it when humans make a fuss of me. In South Africa, Staffies are quite common, and people don’t have a problem with us. But I’ve heard that in other parts of the world, this is very different. Obviously the humans that think we are bad dogs, have never spent any time with a Staffie. I’m going to go and check out Trey on your blog now.

  4. I love it! Fred-the-Basset, who owns this computer, went crazy at your voice. I think he’s in love. And he’s very particular – won’t go for any old voice. Sometimes, when he realises I’m doing the steak for myself, he gets into high C’s of disgust. Anyway, he sends his regards. Oh, and you might want to meet Vrede, the town-dog in Rolbos. He’s quite a character…

    • A new fan – that’s so exciting! Hi to Fred too. One of my favourite dogs in our neighbourhood is a Basset. I’d also show my disgust if I was Fred!

      It sounds like your town is full of characters – human and animal.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! 🙂

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