Life’s a beach

Well, it would be if it was up to me.

Monday night Willie (my male human) came home from work and offered me a trip to the beach. He didn’t need to ask twice. The beach is my favourite place to go. I was a wee little puppy the first time he took me. It was all a bit alarming at first with the wind blowing my ears about and the crashing waves, but I loved the freedom. In those early days I wasn’t allowed off the leash yet, but after a while I was allowed to run free, and splash in the water. This is my happy place. I try to show that by looking happy and enthusiastic

My first beach walk

My first beach walk

My humans like taking me to the beach to tire me out and get rid of all my excess energy. They have this game they play where they walk some distance apart and then take turns to call me. Or run me up and down the dunes. One of them stands up on the dune, the other at the bottom of the dune. They’re taking advantage of the fact that I like to keep my pack together. I indulge them for a while to please them, but really – do they think I’m stupid?!

Pity Neurotic Cat can’t come along. She would love the giant sandpit.

By the time I was 6 months old, I was an "old paw" at this beach thing

By the time I was 6 months old, I was an “old paw” at this beach thing

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11 thoughts on “Life’s a beach

  1. Oh Rosie, I love to walk on the beach too! Well, I do people things: collect shells and driftwood and hairy moss if it is blowing about! You DO look contented and I am glad your humans take such good care of you! Pity Lucy can’t come: perhaps she would be less ‘neurotic’? 🙂 !

    • Yes, there is a lot to sniff at on the beach. Although I mostly just run and play in the water. You’re right, Lucy would be calmer if she could come along. I think my humans would be far less stressed too, if they took me to the beach more often! 🙂

  2. What a lovely beach that is, Rosie Bear. You are lucky to have one so nearby.

    You know, it’s probably better that Neurotic Cat doesn’t accompany you on your beach runs; if there’s other dogs around – perhaps dogs who don’t like the Cat – then it would be too dangerous.

    But you can always tell her about your exploits and adventures when you get home – and all the things you sniffed and chased. I’m sure she’ll love listening to your stories.

    • Yes, I know Neurotic Cat would find the beach overwhelming. She is neurotic after all. She sometimes comes up to sniff me when I get home from the beach, so I share my adventures in that way.

      • You are very kind to her. Perhaps she wishes that she wasn’t quite so neurotic and that she could have as many exciting adventures as you.

  3. Reggie got to go to the beach once. I took him to Coney Island. He wouldn’t go in because he was afraid of the waves of the ocean – which aren’t very big there. How’s that for you – a spaniel afraid of the water!

  4. This is Trey. Typing is hard with paws. You’re good at it. I love the beach. We have a beach. I go to the beach. I run, run, run on the beach. I love balls ? Do you love balls ? I chase balls. Do you chase balls ? I love to chase, chase, chase balls. I am a well-travelled do too. I was born in England, then moved to Ontario, then FLED to Nova Scotia coz they HATE me in Ontario. They kill my “type” in Ontario. They are stooooopid in Ontario. People in Nova Scotia love us “pitties”. And I love, love, love, them back.

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