The Neurotic Cat

I think it’s time I introduced you to the Neurotic Cat of my blog title. Her name is Lucy, but she also goes by the names of “Luce” or “Kitty”. Sometimes when the humans want to call her, they make a funny “tchk tchk tchk” sound. Then when she doesn’t come, they whistle for her. Amazing. What’s even more amazing is that she then actually comes. And I usually come too, because that is how they call me. Very confusing.

Neurotic Cat is a black and white cat. More white than black. In fact if you ask me, she is actually a white cat who had a pot of black paint splashed on her from above. The black then flowed down her sides, with some splashes on her face and paws.

IMG_1317 small

The Neurotic Cat and me taking our morning nap together. She doesn’t look so neurotic here.

So why do I call her Neurotic Cat. Because she is a neurotic cat. She’ll sleep through a thunderstorm or if a big truck goes by, but if any living creature makes any sudden moves, she flees. Her stress hormones must be through the roof – no wonder she has IBD (you can read more about that here)! According to my humans she was always like this. In fact she was worse. As a kitten she didn’t like to be picked up, and was always outside during the day. Being anti-social. She has improved since I moved in, so I think I must be a calming influence.

Our first year together was a little rocky (I’ll tell you more about that some other time). Now we are best mates.

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12 thoughts on “The Neurotic Cat

  1. I think it’s very fortunate that you came into Lucy’s life, Rosie Bear. No doubt you and your down-to-earth practical manner have helped her tremendously to settle down into life in a human household.

    • Well, when I saw the cat comes when she’s called – she doesn’t come immediately. She pretends to not be interested at first. I always come immediately when I’m called. There might be a treat waiting – or they might be offering me an outing. I don’t like to miss out on anything.

  2. You both look like the sweetest of pals! Reggie loves the kitties too. All kitties. He has one special kitty friend who is black and white like Lucy – but more black than white. In fact she looks like a mini-Reggie. She runs to find Reggie as soon as we come out the door. Sweet kitty!

  3. Rosie Bear: thank you so much for the introduction to Lucy. You two look SO comfortable together I just wonder are you being quite, quite fair in calling her a ‘neurotic cat’? I mean a neurotic puss would be scared of thunder and lightning, even a very normal one would 🙂 ! You haven’t called her that to her face, have you: and does she know you have a blog now . . . ?

    • I suppose it is a bit rude to call somebody “neurotic”, but she seems okay with it. Sometimes we (me and the humans) think an alien has taken over her personality when she’s acting all calm.

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