The Bone Award

I’m not allowed to have “proper” bones. It’s very sad, but my humans are afraid for my health. I tend to swallow smaller bones whole, and crunch the bigger ones into long splinters. So I have a bone substitute – a rawhide “bone”. I used to chew my way through one every two days, but nowadays I use my bone as a kind of pacifier or toy.

Me in a typical pose with my rawhide bone.

Me in a typical pose with my rawhide bone. This is the perfect sized bone for me.

On the weekend Lisa finally got me a new bone. The old one was very dirty and battered. I suspect that Lisa feels guilty that she’s not taking me on my regular morning walks at this stage. So I scored big on the weekend – a new bone, a new “indestructible” (ha ha!) ball and some edible treats. I’m not complaining though, and to show my appreciation I’ve been carrying the bone around with me everywhere. Except when I’ve got something else in my mouth – like food or a ball.

So what is the Bone Award? Well, if I’m feeling particularly loving, generous or grateful to my humans, I present them the bone as a prize. Sometimes I even give the Bone Award to the Neurotic Cat. Then after they’ve had the bone for a couple of minutes, I take it back again. It’s really the thought that counts.

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8 thoughts on “The Bone Award

  1. That is a fabulous bone – just the perfect shape and size for you, Rosie Bear. I wouldn’t want to share that with anyone, unless I was feeling very generous indeed…

    • Well Reggie, it was a risk the first time I awarded the Bone Award. I was very worried I wouldn’t get it back. But then I figured out that my humans and the cat weren’t that keen on my bone.

      • A good tip would be to chew it really well, and to slobber all over it just before you give it to them – I suspect they may not want to keep it too long then.

        Most humans don’t have very good teeth, you know. Your teeth are much better and stronger. So they wouldn’t be able to do much with your bone anyway.

        But I still wouldn’t leave it with them tooo long. Just in case they think you don’t like it anymore, or that they can bury it or throw it in the bin.

      • Those are excellent tips Reggie! I slobbered on it a bit, and it started to smell funny, so now the humans give it back really quickly.

      • Well done, Rosie Bear!

        You see, humans don’t like to touch slobbery or sticky stuff (babies do though, so perhaps don’t give your bone award to a baby, alright). So your bone will be quite safe now.

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