Why a dog blog?

20101108-rosieSo why would I, a dog, want to have my own blog? I suppose I could say “because I can”, but it’s more than that. I’m a smart and opinionated dog, and since Lisa (female human) won’t let me post on her blog – She goes on and on about it being her “happy place” where she doesn’t want to post anything negative. Ha! – I’ll have to find another forum for my thoughts. Also, one thing that is sorely lacking on her blog is lots of photos and stories about me. I’m confused about that. I’m the cutest pup in the neighbourhood, and she takes lots of photos of me, but she refuses to post most of them. And of course when she does write about me, it’s not always accurate. So I want to be able to clear up any misconceptions.

I know the blog title mentions the cat, but really this blog is about me. Rosie. Otherwise known as Bear or Snugglebug. Neurotic Cat is a big part of my life though. We hang out together, we sleep together, we eat together (occasionally out of the same bowl if Neurotic Cat allows me to) and we like some of the same games. So I guess I can’t leave her out of things entirely.

I am a 4-year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffie, for short). Staffies have a bit of an image problem at the moment. People think we are fierce, vicious dogs. I hope to change their minds by telling stories about my life. And of course, I’ll get to talk about me, and post cute photos of me. And maybe the Neurotic Cat too . . .

I’d like to make some blogging friends, so leave a comment or drop me a line. If you want to follow my blog (go on – you know you do! 🙂 ),scroll down to the bottom of this post for a “Follow” button.


21 thoughts on “Why a dog blog?

      • Flat Kathy replies:

        Yes, indeed, we must do our best to get some traffic our way. I think you’ll get quite a big following very soon, Rosie Bear. You are clearly quite a character with a strong, confident voice. And good on you for insisting on your own space, to post your own pictures.

    • Thanks for the welcome Clouded Marbles! I know you had been telling Lisa to write more about me for ages, but she never did. So I eventually decided to take things into my own paws. 🙂

  1. Okay, Rosie, thank the blog-dog-gods that at least one our kind has her own site! It’s about time! I’m writing here in my mom’s voice–Kathy–but I hope to correct that soon. You rock, Rosie. I’ve loved you from the “Jet-set Puppy” post that Lisa did. At any rate, I will follow you for sure!

  2. Hello Rosie! You are adorable. Now that you have your own dog blog, Reggie may get jealous and want to blog also. He has a lot of opinions about bones and squeaky toys. I know that you are going to show people that just like they shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, they shouldn’t judge a puppy by her breed. Every dog is an individual!
    Woofs from Reggie!

  3. Hello, Rosie! Don’t quite know how to tell you where Australia is, but I guess that does not matter! Don;’t have a canine friend to say ‘hi’ to you at the moment. But have had a 100 Kg White Alsatian [too big for you!], a big Red Setter [did not like urban life and had to resettle!], and Toby, the long-haired Dachshund [well, he did live a long, long life] and Charlie the Pembroke Corgi [you would laugh at all the stories, but Lisa would not!!!!]. So I DO hope we get to know one the other!!

    • Hello Eha! Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s good to know that you are a dog lover, just sad that you can’t have one right now. I think everyone should have a dog. I do know that Australians like Staffies too. Which is good.

  4. Oh no, Rosie, now you’ve done it! If I tell my sister about your news, we’ll never hear the end of it till she eventually browbeats TWLG into letting her host her own blog. Me and Podi – the only time she’ll have time for us is when she needs stories – at our expense, I’m sure – for blog fillers, when TWLG hasn’t taken her photo for a few days. So you see Rosie, I can’t tell Maggie your news and share the excitement, please understand?

    Best wishes,
    Little Miss Kotte and Podi too 🙂

    • Hi Miss Kotte and Podi! Just been to check out your photos on TWLG and you are all just too cute. Especially liked the photos of you sleeping together. Miss Maggie does have a long nose – does she put it where it doesn’t belong? I do that – and I’ve got a much shorter nose.

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